Sunday, October 29, 2017

I feel the weight of age upon me...

The lonely walk of life is toiled with human challenges. We are but relics of our own destiny, but the way forward has always been true, and we shant allow current turbulence to affect the weight of decades, if not centuries. -Doujhe

Monday, September 25, 2017

Solitary Thoughts

Solitary Thoughts


I walk along a narrow bridge,
a bridge of softened stone.
I loathe to be unwanted,
but destined to be alone.

   Doujhe Dragnist (dew-hey) (© 1997; Secresity) (see-krís-city)
   The above is an extract from a poem entitled, "Solitary Thoughts" 
   written and copyright under the compilation, "Secresity".
   The rest of the poem is a bit... off?
   No matter; this final passage defined a life.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dhistens: I'm 60, and I'm at Honor Hold in the Hellfire Peninsula!

Wellllll.... this has been a road hard traveled. At my Soul Guide's leveling of 58, I opted to venture forth to Honor Hold. I had heard so many great things about this place, and the expectations were not withdrawn once lived for myself. This is indeed a very honorable place, and humbling I might add.

I was only gotten the best of a few times, but I rebounded each and every time. I feel strongly I held my own as well as if not better than those I've known around me and in my past. I've a many a story to tell my cousins... it's just a shame I have no grandchildren to encourage with such ventures. In any case, I have made it to the level that my Soul Guide concedes that this is the place for me for where I'm at in my adventurous life. How could I not be? I'm Dhistens!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dhistens: I'm 55, and I'm in Winterspring!

Well, well, well... what do I know? A lot more than I did a few days ago. I must! My Soul Guide has blessed me with the exciting new level of 55. Brother Doujhe better keep his eyes in the back of his helm... I've gotten pretty good at sneaking up behind folks. Muahahaha!!! Hahaha!! Haha! hehe. heh.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dhistens: I'm 50, and I'm in Felwood!

I'm a bit dizzy from my Soul Guide promoting me so fast. It's like I woke up and have advanced 5 levels already.  Here and I thought the life of an adventurer would be difficult... I'm enjoying the scenery, collecting loot, and even bartering some of my finds. I couldn't have asked for a better Guide For My Soul.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dhistens: I'm 45, and I'm in Gadgetzan!

Having traveled through what felt like a Thousand Needles (oh, sorry, that's the location, and not just what it felt like), I advanced faster than even my brother, Doujhe, could have expected. I've always trusted my brother and his stories of his own Spirit Guide, but was advanced to Gadgetzan in such little time, I do believe my own Spirit Guide has been guiding me even more than the little I gave thought to it previously in my travels. I'm feeling it... are you? You should be... I couldn't have come this far, this fast without it. See it for yourself - Zygor isn't a selfish guide... I'm very certain he'll lead you too!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daajhnd: Nexus? Not...

Was offered a trip through Nexus last night. Was about to log off for the night, so couldn't. Although, I'm always kinda self-conscious about grouping: So many folks badmouth noobs.

Now, I'm not a complete idiot or noob when it comes to grouping, but I'm not the best healer/dps/tanker at all. I survive soloing by going at my own pace, and I'm not dragging anyone down to my speed... I suppose that's part of what makes me more of a casual gamer.

On the flip side, I loved running low-levels through the Stockades when my main hit 80 (pre-Cata). That was fun.

Friday, April 8, 2011

KDCwow on Twiiter

Just wanted to let anyone who happens to end up here know about my Twitter page... Feel free to follow (should by chance I begin updating things around here once again).

KDCwow on Twitter

Last Day? Um.... Not! Doujhe, Daajhn, and Dherius all Ding 85

Well, figured I needed to update this so folks don't get the wrong idea... Obviously based on the WoW Armory stats for my main, Doujhe, July 5 of 2009 was not the last day of my WoW days. I kinda got bored once Doujhe hit 80. I ran some folks through the Stockades, but in about a week, I just kinda lost my drive a bit (okay, a lotta bit). Not to mention I was in the midst of RL changes, so just kinda hung up my keyboard for a bit insofar as gaming went.

A lot changed and happened in the year that followed, but I finally settled back down well enough to be able to pick it up again. Now happily married with 4 kids, I am finding some time to devote back to my family of dimensions past - the Dragnist Descendants.

Since getting back in, I not only upgraded when Cata released, I also leveled up my main and two alts to 85, currently working on my fourth (albeit on a 3rd server). My hope is to begin journaling my adventures once again, but would like to get my site cleaned up, get my character stat page working again, update all my character stats across realms, and find a site where I can journal my entries (and have it show first-post-first, as opposed to the normal way blogs are chronicled - maybe I'll just write my own?).

In any case, July 5 2009 was certainly not my last day of WoW, and I hope it'll be years from now before I even attempt to claim that once again. If I'm lucky, perhaps I'll be able to get my daughter or son into it with me, and be able to share the broad horizons of our minds with Blizzard providing the environment.

P.S. Someone please slap me if I haven't updated this again within the next month, if for nothing more than a redirect to where my new posts may reside.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Level 80; Last Day

06/09 (Tue): Level 80 (main character)

06/15 (Mon): Last Day of WoW

After hitting level 80, I spent a couple days running some folks through some lower-level instances, which was kinda fun. I know once folks hit level 80, for the most part, they either do battlegrounds or raids, but I'm not really into those.

When I first started WoW, I enjoyed exploring new grounds and seeing new things, but in the end, I just enjoyed the questing, the goals to get to new areas (and new functionality), and then the goal to get to 80. I'm not sure the difference between 1-40 and 70-80 is, but my guess is there was just too much to cover. 40-70 was most enjoyed when I was able to group with my brother-in-law.

Well, without a line drawn for someone's end game, there isn't one, so I drew mine at getting to level 80. I'm back now in life to where I was prior to WoW... going over the 20+ things in life that I enjoy doing most (besides playing WoW).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Multiple Character Stats: Moving Columns

You can now swap columns when providing more than one character on the Multiple Character Stats page. This is convenient when wanting to print a page for your records.

There is now a >> link to the right of every name except the far right name. Clicking this link will move the selected column one to the right (which is why the last column doesn't have a link). You can move them so they are ordered by level, last played date, etc.

In addition, the link from the comments page back to the MCS page will now retain the characters you originally had on the MCS page prior to going to the comments page (provided you go to the comments page from the MCS page, else it will again just provide my main 3 toons as examples).

Have fun!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Multiple Character Stats Comments Page

You can now leave comments on and rate the Multiple Character Stats page. You can also vote for your favorite class while you're there.

I created the Multiple Character Stats page as an incentive to keep all my stats up and to compare among my alts. Getting out of the gray. Getting out of maroon. Getting into the green. Looking forward to some cyan. :) Why else would someone purposely drop their weapons to fight bare handed? To get their unarmed stats up, that's why!

Seriously, comparing with your friends is good incentive too. We noticed some high level old timers with no cooking or fishing. Not that lack of those is a bad thing, but imo, they're missing out on just a few other aspects of WoW. I enjoyed finding out what that "10 Pound Mud Snapper" was that I caught. Sure felt important to me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Altphilia (Altitis): At it's finest

Yes, it has been near 2 months since my last post. Why? It could have something to do with my trying to level 6 characters at once :o

I created Daajhnd to group and quest with friends from work (Aglean and Aglea). However, in creating him, he needed a mail alt, so I created Dreazz. However, Daajhnd also couldn't have gathering professions due to conflicts with Aglean and Aglea. So Daajhnd took up a couple non-gathering professions, and Dreazz was provided with two mining professions that he could skill up solo and provide the mats directly to Daajhnd. There went 1-2 weeks.

Then I got the notion to figure out what the PvP, RP, and RPPvP servers were. So I created a character on one each of those. After a couple nights, although RP could be really interesting, I also found it could be very time consuming, even for just one character. PvP on the other hand, well, that will prove to be some fun. I had already been playing as though I was PvP for near 6 months with my first character, Doujhe, because I didn't know that I always had PvP turned on. So it's no wonder everywhere I went I was getting killed by Horde :)

So, I created yet another mail alt for my primary on the PvP server I chose. Thus, Dolar and Dhesia were created on Rivendare. There went another couple weeks.

At some point, I was also pulled towards still getting Deajhd leveled to 40. Confused yet? Well, a week or two after getting back on track with Deajhd, my brother-in-law asked if I was still playing. That led to grouping/questing with him using Dhistens, my last Alliance toon to level to 40 on Windrunner. A bit on and off for a week with my brother-in-law, I then actually concentrated on Deajhd for this last week, and finally got him to 40 last night (along with 200 skills in 4 areas; fishing, wands, defense, and unarmed).

At this point, I will begin to power level Daajhnd, so that he can group/quest with Aglean's primary character, a level 63 lock on Hellscream. And by power leveling, I mean I got the "Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide", which I'm hoping will show me the quickest way to 50/60 over the next 2-3 weeks.

At the same time however, I will continue to group with my brother-in-law whenever he's on and would like to group.

And if time permits, I would love to get my primary character, Doujhe, up to at least 60.

Should someone figure out how to get 6 more hours in the day, I would also love to keep leveling both Dolar and Dhesia, as well as begin the learning/experiencing of the Horde side with Dejhde and Duujhn. Will my now level 40 characters ever hit 70? I can see that... perhaps somewhere around 2010.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hellscream: Daajhnd and Dreazz

For those times when I only have a few minutes to play (aka, 1/2 hour or so), I just began leveling two new characters up on Hellscream. They should only take about 2 years while I’m still busy leveling my other 6 active characters on Windrunner (and that's not counting transferring over and playing Horde).

Welcoming, Daajhnd and Dreazz

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mounts at Level 30

FYI if you didn’t already know, with the 2.4.3 patch released on July 15th, apprentice training for mounts is now available at level 30. It’s very weird watching a level 30+ running around on a mount. And they did this when my 7th character (Dehrange) was at 39. Luckily, Deajhd is a 23 and Dhistens is a 24.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dehrange Hits 40

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-07-0226Ding 26 in Ashenvale. Questing in Forst Song. Reminder: Get leatherworking up for Hillman's Cloak.
2008-07-0733Ding 27-32 throughout Ashenvale/Forest Song. Although it says I should, questing in Desolace is more of a mid-30s to 40 level area. Headed to Darkshire for a few quests there (ding 33), then will try Shimmering Flats. Am 'trying' to stay in Kalimdor.
2008-07-1034Ding 34 in Shimmering Flats. Should make 35 and even perhaps 36 there too. That should get me back into Desolace, and perhaps even into Dustwallow Marsh. I should also have enough to get Leatherworking over 200, but will probably wait until level 36.
2008-07-1438Ding up to 38 in Shimmering Flats, Desolace, then Stranglethorn Vale. 35-40 is a bit challenging in Kalimdor, so decided to just hit 40 (at least) in Stranglethorn Vale. Will head back to Dustwallow Marsh, then probably Feralas, after questing in SV.
2008-07-1539Ding 39 in Stranglethorn Vale. Only one or two more quests from level 40, then can move on to Deajhd. Will consider abandoning SV quests at 40 in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor. SV is a great place to level 35-40 though.
2008-07-1740Ding 40 in Stranglethorn Vale. Got Elekk mount and ability to wear mail. Still to consider abandoning SV quests in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dhistens is going to drop leatherworking in favor of skinning. True, Dehstni and Dehrange are both already skinners, but here's the way I see it.

So many of the mobs killed throughout the game can be skinned. Mining is "here and there" to which most times you have to go a tad out of your way when you spot a mine. As is the same with herbalism. With skinning, you're right there to gather the mats.

Doujhe can go and get just about any minerals needed for whatever. He's got his mount and can get there and make rounds quick. The same goes for Daajhn and herbalism. If I need any of these, I can go farm them with intent. Skinning is more of a "while I'm there" type gathering profession.

So if the other professions are aptly being taken care of, why not just gather something quick "while I'm there"? Dhistens will keep tailoring, as that will come in handy, but Dehrange will stay to fill the leatherworking craft which Dhistens will be dropping in order to pick up skinning.

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Helping Hand

It's nice to have friends (or alts in this case). Deajhd needs a Runed Silver Rod to do some higher level enchants. This silver rod is created by a blacksmith, which luckily Dehstni is proficient with. The silver rod requires a silver bar, which can be smelted from silver ore. Luckily, Doujhe is proficient with mining and smelting.

So Doujhe will go find and mine the silver ore, smelt the ore to a silver bar, put it in the bank so Dehstni can withdraw it and create the silver rod. She'll then put that in the bank so Deajhd can withdraw it to begin his next level of enchant proficiencies.

Obviously, Deajhd could just go to the AH and purchase a silver rod, but where's the fun in that? :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Character: Dehrange Dragnist

Well, I found I was having absolutely no fun playing a Rogue. I'm sure others have fun with it, but it seems to be something you just really need to enjoy doing. I experimented with another rogue of my level in learning to pick locks and deuling. The deuling aspects just really weren't my style. I can appreciate those that do though. It's a lot of keyboard effort. But my final thought on it was it was just a bit too much grinding for me. My warrior was similar, but somehow I pressed on with her, and she does alright now.

In light of my decision to back off from playing my rogue, I still needed a leatherworking player, and so created a Hunter with skinning and leatherworking. Welcome Dehrange to the Dragnist family. His pet, once he gets one, will be named Dehranged. He is also Draenei so he can capitalize on some inherent healing.

I'm still missing a Tailor now though, and I guess I won't have higher lockpicking capabilities, as I'm sure a rogue has to be higher in levels to get higher in the skill. Perhaps another class will come along at some point that will also offer this skill. In the meantime, I'll also need to consider how to get some tailoring into the family.

All this, and when I feel I'm finally done with the Alliance side of the Dragnist descendants, it'll then be time to move on to the Horde side. Has it been half a year since I started playing alrady???

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monthly Entries

Thank goodness for my journal entries! I can now make monthly entries (...which is great because I've spent so much time playing at night I have no time for blog entries). I've also added a filter so only specific toons can be seen and read through.

Monthly Entry: Doujhe

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-04-1840Found group for Gnomeragan, but only completed 1 quest. Will try 2 more on my own. dragons/mudsprocket. swamp of sorrows. desolace. and still need to offload quest-related items from inventory.
2008-04-1940Completed another quest in Gnomeragan. On to dragons/mudsprocket. swamp of sorrows. desolace. and still need to offload quest-related items from inventory.
2008-04-1940Formed my own guild! Dragnist Descendants. Will see how many of my signers stay on with that name. Still on to dragons/mudsprocket. swamp of sorrows. desolace. And still need to offload quest-related items from inventory.
2008-04-2240Partnered up and did a few quests in Hillsbrad. Still on to dragons/mudsprocket. swamp of sorrows. desolace. And still need to offload quest-related items from inventory.
2008-04-2441All alts now in Guild. Ding 41 in Aerie Peak. Re-spec'd talents. Discovered more territory near wastelands including an FP at Chillwind Point. Then mined 131 copper and 82 rough stones. Still on to dragons/mudsprocket, Swamp of sorrows, Desolace.
2008-04-2841Ding 43 in Badlands. Should level up to 44 in Swamp of Sorrows. Got a few additional mods for questing and auctions. Still need to try Titan. Still need 100G for bank vault.
2008-04-2944Ding 44 in Swamp of Sorrows. Couple Horde passed me by. One stuck around, so I ditched the area and came back a few min later. Finished most of Booty Bay, but need to go back. In Dustwallow Marsh now turning in other quests.
2008-05-1844Made a run through Shadowfang Keep just to see what drops would be. Not worth doing again. Blues bind, and greens are quite low level. Gold-making guides recommending this for AH sales are outdated. Wasn't worth the time. Can get more for mining.
2008-05-1845Ding 45. Completed some higher level quests up in the Arathi Highlands. Then headed into Badlands. Got another quest down there. A little map-revealing, and some good mining too. Need to find a First Aid trainer to get silk bandages.
2008-05-2146Got a lot of quests around Tanaris, but had to head to SW (and IF) to level professions and skills. Engineering, more cooking, and really need to get fishing up so can fish while waiting for boats. Then back to Tanaris or perhaps some instance runs.
2008-05-2246Became Gnomish Engineer. Learned and did more cooking. Still need more fishing. But back in Tanaris for questing.
2008-05-2648Ding in Hillsbrad Foothills. Can also now make mageweave bandages (210). Need to level in SW (exalted; bigger discount), and also still need to work on fishing. Then LFG for instances (who cares which).
2008-05-3149Ding 49 in Gadgetzan. Paladinboi (L47 Paladin) invited me for instance run through Zul'Farrak with a level 70 and a couple other lower 40s. STILL need to work on fishing.

Monthly Entry: Da'ajhn (daajhn)

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-04-2832Leveled again in Darkshire. Should continue here then move on to Redridge Mountains (Lakeshire) and Dun Morogh.
2008-05-1534Finishing off loose end quests so can concentrate on one area. Need to get Expert Coookbook from Shandrina in Ashenvale (Silverwind Refuge). Then need to level up in Darnassus, and acquire aquatic form.
2008-05-1634Ended up in and doing quests in Shimmering Flats. Perhaps can finish tomorrow night. Hopefully still won't be any Horde around to interfere (this is contested territory after all). Then will get FP from further south.
2008-05-1735Paired around doing some quests with another player for a few quests here and there. Didn't level much after that due to not soloing.
2008-05-1736Ding 36 (in Stranglethorn Vale if I remember correctly). After that, just did leveling maintenance. Also did inventory swapping between all my chars.
2008-05-2537Ding 37 (in Stranglethorn Vale). Need to get rest of quest pages so I can get these out of my inventory (each page takes a slot, ouch). Continuing with auctions.
2008-05-2939Ding 39 (in Hillsbrad Foothills). Need 5 more in cooking for my 200 mark, but really looking forward to 40 (not sure why with druid, I already have cat travel form which is near as fast).
2008-05-3040Ding 40 (again in Hillsbrad Foothills). Only 2 more in cooking for 200 mark. Will probably just get a couple things to cook via AH, and then level up. After that, will move on to advance Dehstni. Probably should take the plunge on 2nd bank tab too.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

Based on your answers you are (or I am, rather) ... EASK

EASK players often live by the phrase 'The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.' They are motivated by meeting the challenges of the world, but they are usually in no rush--because seeing the creatures and places of the world is even more fun.

Achiever 73.33%
Explorer 80.00%
Killer 13.33%
Socializer 33.33%

Monday, April 21, 2008

Two New Additions to the Family

Welcome aboard Dhistens and Deajhd!

Dhistens, pronounced [dis-tenz], is a Dwarf Rogue. Currently at level 9, Dhistens will be concentrating on Leatherworking and Tailoring.

Deajhd, pronounced [dead], is a Gnome Warlock. Currently at level 8, Deajhd and his imp minion will be concentrating on Enchanting and Jewelcrafting.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Guild: Dragnist Descendants

This weekend, Doujhe formed his own guild! Dragnist Descendants. Got 9 signatures from strangers for the charter. Paid each one 1 Gold via the mail system. Of the 9, 5 still remain. Pretty interesting being the name means nothing to them, as Dragnist is the last name for all my characters.

Now just need to get my alts into the guild, and to come up with 100 Gold to purchase a bank tab.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Journal Entries

Yesterday I created entry slots for profession and skill levels.

At about the same time, I also created a new table that will store the progress as I update my characters for my Blog character stat box (the stat sheet on the right). I have an admin tool that allows me to update those stats, and will now update the journal table as well.

Today I created the viewable page for these journal entries. Although in extremely draft form right now, the journal page will become much more dynamic including sorting and filters.

I also hope at some point to make my admin page, snippet display box, and my journal page generic enough to promote via SourceForge.Net, should they so allow it.

Ding - Dehstni: 30

Extracted from my new Journal Entry page, the following outlines Dehstni's last couple days. I believe I can aggregate these journal entries for a much more complete accounting of my character's travels and adventures. As such, you will most likely also see this format change up a bit.

2008-04-15 [29]: Darkshire... like anywhere else, lots to do (but hopefully halfway done).

2008-04-16 [30]: Heading to Stormwind to level, then back to Darkshire to finish up a bit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ding - Daajhn: 30 (and 31)

Found a group for a Gnomer run, but will need another one for the last 2-3 quests in there. Was fun though with a L67 Druid. Got to watch him agro and demolish.

Before going in, was able to level to 30. After-the-fact, was having so much fun, kept questing 'till 31 (although the Gnomer run got me half way there).

Now in Darkshire, and debating whether to move on to Dehstni, or continue leveling Da'ajhn.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Da'ajhn Still Stealthing

Da'ajhn spent two days holding his breath while completing two quests in Horde territory. Mostly stealthing around in Charred Valley, was able to avoid numerous close calls.

The first encounter was a L24 Tauren Druid and a L35 Tauren Warrior. The L24 backed right up on me while I was stealthed and was watching them from some rocks. Luck would have he did not see me. I also got to watch both die once at the breath of a L28 elite.

After that, was barely able to slip into stealth before a Level ?? Orc Warrior saw me. Kept my eye out for him, as well as a L30 Blood Elf Mage. The L?? Orc ran over me twice while I was stealthed. Was quite glad my luck held up and he didn't take notice of who he was walking on. Then again, in cat form, which is actually a beast and not a humanoid, I believe I'm typically mistaken for just another prowler.

Da'ajhn then spent the better part of a few days looking for a group to go through Gnomeregan. First day, first group, one of the pack kept pulling too much agro, and the group split. Second day, second group, took 1/2 hour for the group to make it out of Gnomer to come get me and the guy that said I could join, and by the time they made it out, they'd decided to go somewhere else. Third day I went in a little ways on my own, but knew I couldn't handle the elites as well as Doujhe did, so headed back to Astranaar.

Met up with a guy to do a few quests with. He also introduced me to Blackfathom Deeps. Didn't get any XP based on how low the mobs are, although they are elites, but was able to finish up one of the quests. That quest got me just shy of Level 30.

After my latest quest-helper left for the night, I finished up one of the quests in BFD. After finishing, I found my way and headed out. Luckily, I was a bit cautious when exiting, knowing I was in Horde territory, and didn't run up on a L?? Orc Warrior (same on from before perhaps?)... Saw him facing right at me as I was headed up the stairs, turn tail, and jumped back down in the water, where I shapeshift to my cat and stealthed. A few minutes of anxiety passed, and I very slowly stealthed my way out.

Headed back to Auberdine, turned in the quest, and headed to bed...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Da'ajhn - A New Outlook

Having done everything 'within his means' in Darkshore, Da'ajhn decided to travel a bit. Found his way to Exodar, and then on over to Blood Watch. Will need to head back to Darkshore to finish up some quests, but believe he can level out to about 22 in the meantime here at Bloodmyst Isle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Da'ajhn Is On

Working on leveling Da'ajhn. Up to 19 so far. Will get to 20 and move on to Dehstni.

Druids are a bit difficult in the beginning. I actually have areas I cannot go into without help. This is a bit different than my Pally. Will see how things go as Da'ajhn acquires some new forms.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ding Ding - Doujhe: 40; Mount Acquired

Finally! But well worth the trouble of getting here. Having a mount is as sweet as I thought it would be. After waiting around 1/2 hour for anyone to go through Gnomeregan with, giving up and completing a couple quests, I got down to Southshore where I defeated Tethyr and voila! Level 40!

Headed straight to Stormwind after that to seek out my favorite Pally Trainer, and got my Mount Summon for 80 Silver :) From what I understand, this is most likely the easiest mount to obtain (no quest and very low cost).

And with Doujhe at Level 40, I will begin working his brothers and sister up to Level 20. Then I'll come back and work Doujhe up to 50. Well, at least this is my plan for now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 38

After leveling to 38, met and quested with a level 37 mage. He escorted me into 'Mudsprocket' and helped me with a couple quests in there. He would have had me going until 4:00 AM but I finally had to call it quits before we headed into a dragon-filled cave.

In addition, killed my first Horde (well, not by myself, but I probably would have). We passed a level 39 and were going to keep going, but he hit me! So, I turned around, and began to retaliate. Got a few helping hits from my questing buddy, and Mr. Level 39 was down in about 10-15 seconds.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Doujhe: Help and Escort

Well, didn't level, but had some fun completing a quest or two. More importantly though was able to help another noob who actually was a Level 30 and only started 2 weeks ago. He helped me with a minor quest of mine, then we spent the rest of the night tracking down and helping him with one of his.

His quest was to get 2 manuscripts. One was in Thousand Needles. Last week I tried finding a way to Thousand Needles, but couldn't. I had no idea at the time that The Great Lift took me right down there. I thought it headed into upper-level territory because it was protected by Level 40+ guards (and I was a 36 at that point).

In any case, we managed to find Thousand Needles by swimming all the way around the shore. Fatigued numerous times, but we found it. After fighting our way and retrieving the manuscript in Thousand Needles, I then escorted him to Southshore where his other manuscript was waiting for him.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 37; Ganked and Corpse Camped

After leveling to 37, Doujhe got ganked by a level 41 (class?) and a level 36 mage. Turned into a sheep, then stunned, I never stood a chance. And not surprisingly, upon returning to my corpse, found both of these horde corpse campers waiting for me to resurrect. Fortunately, not being a complete idiot, I camped with them in spirit form for about 10 minutes. I watched them kill some level 37 Stormwind guards, and then with my having wasted enough of their time, they both hearthstoned back to the rock they crawled out from.

I resurrected and continued down my original path without further incident.

Additionally, and in retrospect, I also got ganked by a "Level ??" earlier on. There was one (a "Level ??") before the one I got ganked by that saw me but continued on (indicating that not all Horde are gankers).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Doujhe's Travels: Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom

Aside from leveling to 35, Doujhe has not only found his way across Kalimdor through Dustwallow Marsh and across the Barrens down close to Thousand Needles, but up through the Eastern Kingdom through Arathi Highlands, well into the Hillsbrad Foothills, and even on into Silverpine Forest. Next will be to obtain the Flight Path (FP) in Southshore, and then make his way to another FP in Aerie Peak.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ding - Duujhn: 11

Another struggle in advancing Duujhn. Although, he does have some features that are fun to work with. Still a problem dealing with more than 1 mob, I've learned to work with the different ranged shots better. I still believe his better times are much farther ahead.

Ding - Dehstni: 13

So, instead of concentrating on advancing Doujhe to 40, I got caught up seeing why Dehstni's stats wouldn't show up, so spent some time improving her skills. Success! And in improving her skillls, she also advanced in levels. Still a fairly fun character to play.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ding - Duujhn: 10

Umph. Duujhn, a Hunter, has been one of the most toughest (longest) to get to level 10. My personal thought is his inability to handle multiple mobs at once. Even 2 mobs at the same time can get overpowering quickly. On the other hand, once a pet is garnered and the hit count and speed of his ranged weapons increases, I can see him moving along quicker. We'll have to wait and see.

At this point, with all of Doujhe's siblings having made level 10, Doujhe will now concentrate on making level 40.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Duujhn has made his way to level 8. What began as a rapid ascent, came to a screeching halt as he made his way into an area that was just a tad over his skill level. Fortunately, he was able to kill a few foes before hearthstoning his way back to his home Inn.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ding - Dehstni: 11

Dehstni hit level 11 tonight!! Getting to level 10 is good so the WoW Armory stats will show up.

Will now work on getting Duujhn up to at least 10. Can't wait to get a flying pet :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dehstni and Duujhn: Discovered

Dehstni and Duujhn were "discovered". A family history search revealed the both of them are indeed members of the Dragnist tree. Now in the family's inner circle, their progress will be monitored and their ties strengthened with the other members of the family.

Dehstni made tremendous progress last night, having made her way to level 9.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 33

Doujhe hit 33 tonight. Also made way to Auberdine and Astranaar. First time on boat.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dragnist Family

Dragnist Family - Antemortem
Engineering / Mining
family favorite
Night Elf
Alchemy / Herbalism
youngest brother
Blacksmithing / Mining
the only lady
Alchemy / Herbalism
eldest brother; always up to no good
Blood Elf
Leatherworking / Skinning
Dejhde's follower